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The Catholic Aviation Association is a Mustard Seed of an organization at this time. We have a tremendous, far-reaching Vision that, in time, with God’s grace and your help, will yield Much Fruit. Right now, the only benefit we can offer is the satisfaction you will have as you join us to change the face of general aviation and our national culture. With this thought in mind, here is what we will offer as the organization grows:

CAA Chapters

CAA Chapters are where Faith, Flying and Fellowship come together. Whatever your interest or involvement in the field of aviation, chances are there is a follower of Jesus Christ near you who shares your interests. Coming together in community at regular meetings will provide a venue to grow in your faith and aviation knowledge. Chapters are also a place for networking, hearing local speakers, setting up tours of aviation facilities, and reaching out to young people to encourage them to pursue aviation careers. If this appeals to you, please go to our CAA Chapter tab to join or start a chapter in your area.

Cupertino Aviation Clubs

Cupertino Aviation Clubs are where you can experience Affordable Flying in a community setting while Affirming Values that undergird a healthy society. Whether a seasoned pilot or someone wanting to learn about flying, rocketry, R/C Models, Control-line Models or Flight Simulators, you will be able to hone your skills while sharing your love of flying and providing a positive, faith-based witness to others.

Rite of Flight Blog

A Rite is process like a journey that a person goes through in order to move on to the next stage of his/her life. We believe everyone benefits by going through the Rite of Flight. We know that the decision to learn to fly is the beginning of a journey that will involves commitment, understanding and the acquisition of knowledge/skills in order to make progress and be successful. So it is also in the journey through life. This blog will discuss relevant aviation topics to increase your knowledge, encourage a new generation of young people to go through the Rite of Flight, and impart important lessons learned in flying that provide insight, understanding and skills in living a successful and joy-filled life.

Discussion Forum

Got a question you want to ask or have something on your mind that you want to discuss regarding aviation, flying or faith? This is where you will be able to connect with others to do just that.

Members Only Area
Your membership provides access to the password-protected area of the web site where you will find the Discussion Forum, a listing of CAA and CAC members and mentors in an online directory of those who are willing to share their contact information with you. In the members-only area, you can also conveniently change your contact information and manage your membership. You will also be able to register online for conferences.

In the Future…

As mentioned above, CAA is a mustard seed of an organization. As membership and financial resources grow, our vision is to provide:

Educational Resources

We plan to develop and provide educational materials that will inform and encourage the People of God. CAA staff and volunteers will compile and/or create inspirational and educational materials in the form of:

Articles, pamphlets, videos, DVDs and books - for the express purpose of encouraging the People of God to live out their faith in the public square.

A Library. On this website we will be building repositories of both aviation and faith related articles. We will be selecting article that will instruct and inform, so that you may be more fully equipped to succeed in aviation and life.

Aviation “Pack-up Kits”. These kits will include all material needed for those CAA/CAC members who wish to give talks, set up public displays or give hands-on workshops.

Electronic Newsletter/Magazine

A periodic electronic newsletter/magazine will be sent out that provides relevant information about CAA Chapter and CAC activities and accomplishments. There will also be a section that documents the activities of Christian groups and individuals in the aviation world and how faith motivates and influences them in their family, business and charitable endeavors, thereby serving as a witness to Jesus Christ in the wider civic community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Booths and Displays at local events. CAA Chapter/CAC members may participate in local events, including civic gatherings such as Fairs, aviation events and air shows, to promote aviation and flying. This involves the transporting of equipment, setting up a booth and displays, manning the booth, answering questions and handing out brochures.

Presentations and Workshops. Some CAA Chapter/CAC members will be available to give talks to service clubs, churches, schools and public gatherings (such as Libraries) to explain the organization’s goals and promote the science of aviation and flight. At times, this may involve hands-on workshops giving participants the opportunity to do such things as build a model or fly a simulator.

Conduct Field Trips. CAA Chapter/CAC members will periodically organize and conduct field trips to various aviation venues, such as airports, museums, airline operations, aviation related military facilities and aviation related companies. Such field trips will expose members, particularly youth, to the wide variety of opportunities and information available about aviation.

Perform Service Activities. A wide variety of service activities will be conducted for the benefit of the youth in the CAA Chapters/CACs for the purpose of developing a sense of civic responsibility while offering a public benefit. Activities may include airport clean-ups, assisting with various duties at air shows, and helping at other aviation related events.

Demonstration Flights. CACs that have aircraft will maintain a program of offering introductory flights to the general public, particularly focusing on youth.

Public Relations Flights. CACs will reach out to local newspapers/magazines/journals, offering demonstration flights as well as the opportunity to interview some of our members. Doing so will promote the availability of low cost flying and flight training in the local area.

Summer Youth Flying Camps. CAA/CAC will conduct one week summer flying camps that will focus on flight instruction, teamwork and having fun. Camps will involve considerable effort from our members, including instructors, speakers and ground personnel.

Networking Opportunities

A key to personal and professional growth is developing a network of people that can assist you and walk beside you as you go on your journey. The fellowship of the faithful at both the local level (Chapters and Clubs) and the larger Regional and National levels (Conclaves) is the ideal place to develop such a network.

Regional and National CAA Conclaves

CAA will hold periodic regional and national conclaves for members in order to provide an uplifting venue that encourages spiritual growth, the development of personal relationships and the sharing of aviation knowledge/experiences.

CAA and CAC Exhibit Booth/Fellowship Areas at Aviation Events

We plan to have an Exhibit Booth/Fellowship area at these events:

    • Sport Aviation Expo, Sebring, FL
    • Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In, Lakeland, Florida
    • EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
    • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Regional Fly-in’s
    • SSA Convention
    • Other events as announced on our web site

Support Programs

Scholarships. CAA will maintain and manage a merit based scholarship fund to help individuals, particularly youth, in their training and education efforts as they seek to further their aviation careers.

Mentoring. Whether we need a mentor, or want to volunteer as a mentor, the Catholic Aviation will be the place to go. Our Members Only area will provide access to a listing of CAA and CAC members and mentors in an online directory of those who are willing to share their contact information with you.

Endowment Fund. 10% of all donations will go into an endowment fund to provide for the long term support of the Catholic Aviation Association and the Cupertino Aviation Clubs, and the perpetuation of the legacy of flying.

Discount Programs
Like many other organizations, CAA will negotiate with various vendors to obtain discounts for our members on products and services.

Corporate Member Benefits

Advertising. Advertising space will be available the CAA electronic newsletter/magazine

Exhibit Space. Exhibit booth discounts will be available to corporate members of the Catholic Aviation Association.

Corporate Member Listings. Corporate members will be listed in the annual Conclave program, and in brochures that will be distributed at conferences and trade shows.

Recognition. Every opportunity will be taken to recognize our corporate members, including on our website, in our electronic newsletter/magazine and at our Regional and National Conclaves.

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Our Favorite Quote

"We who fly do so for the love of flying. We are alive in the air, with this miracle that lies in our hands and beneath our feet."
~Cecil Day Lewis

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Faith, Flying and Fellowship

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