Chapters are the heart and soul of the Catholic Aviation Association. It is a major goal of the Catholic Aviation Association is to foster increased fellowship in the aviation community while conducting religious and aviation education. To accomplish this, CAA will facilitate the formation of a network of CAA Chapters throughout the United States. We hope to draw together the People of God who are in the aviation industry, or who are interested in aviation, and provide a venue for faith formation, the sharing/development of aviation knowledge/skills in their area of interest and fellowship in a faith-based atmosphere of fellowship.

The unique method of teaching/sharing life lessons by relating foundational religious truths to the topics taught in the course of aviation education and the disciplines learned in flight training will be used. These life lessons will help the member succeed in all their endeavors.

Depending on the chapter focus and goals, there may be opportunities to hear local speakers, participate in activities, such as group trips to aviation facilities and/or landmarks, and promote aviation in your community. Chapters will also be encouraged to help build the Association through member recruitment and fundraising so that it may acquire the resources to support all its mission areas. If the interest is there, you may even find others who will join with you in forming a Cupertino Aviation Club.

When you Register with CAA, your area of interest will be obtained. Our intention is to create a directory, which will be located in the Members Only area, to help you locate others with a similar interest, and in close proximity to you, so that a Chapter may be formed. You must Join CAA to become a Chapter member.

Chapter life is meant to support your ongoing journey in life and aviation in a faith-based atmosphere of fellowship. This is where you can grow in your faith and develop relationships with people who will walk (and maybe fly) beside you. You are invited to be a part of what promises to be an exciting, life enhancing opportunity! Click here to Register, or here to Join.

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"We who fly do so for the love of flying. We are alive in the air, with this miracle that lies in our hands and beneath our feet."
~Cecil Day Lewis

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Faith, Flying and Fellowship

Come read more about how we incorporate those three facets in our apostolate.  Allow us to share with you our story as we journey forward in God's plan for us (read more...)

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Catholic Aviation Association needs you to help us launch into action. We are a start-up aviation organization whose momentum will depend on the charisma and dedication of our volunteers. Please consider donating resources and time to the cause of revolutionizing the aviation world.

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We are in the start-up phase of this apostolate and we are looking for People of God who will take the initiative of starting a chapter in their location. It is easy to do. We will provid you with most of the resources you need to get started!

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