The Catholic Aviation Association is committed to working in three specific areas:

faithPromote the Christian Faith in the aviation community by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.
CAA will use every means available to teach the spiritual truths about life as revealed by God through Scripture, the incarnation of His Son, Jesus Christ, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Various aspects of aviation will be used, in an analogous way, to communicate these truths and explain how they directly assist one in living a joy filled and productive life that contributes to the good of our society.



fellowshipFoster Fellowship in the aviation community by conducting religious and aviation education while establishing and supporting a network of Catholic Aviation Association Chapters.
CAA will facilitate the formation of local Chapters in order to draw together the People of God who are in the aviation industry and provide a venue for faith formation, the sharing/development of aviation knowledge/skills and fellowship. CAA Headquarters will provide the guidance and materials to these Chapters. Chapters will meet at least monthly and follow a standard meeting format that will guide the group through spiritual and aviation related topics. This will serve the greater public good by enabling like-minded people to improve their personal and spiritual lives through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences, thereby improving their personal satisfaction with life, helping them to be more responsible citizens and, for those who are pilots, improve their ability to safely operate aircraft. CAA Chapters will also help build the Association so that it may acquire the resources to support all its mission areas.

logo CACFacilitate Flying by establishing and overseeing a nationwide network of flying clubs, to be known as Cupertino Aviation Clubs.
To foster spiritual fellowship, provide the opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to participate in aviation related activities, encourage certificated pilots to continue flying and grow the future pilot population, CAA will facilitate the establishment of a network of local flying clubs, known as Cupertino Aviation Clubs (CACs). CACs may have different focus areas, including Flying (Gliders, Power Planes, and Helicopters), RC and Control Line Model Flying, Rocketry and Flight Simulators. Clubs will be managed by club members. In the Flying clubs, cost effective aircraft (Motor Gliders and/or Light Sport Aircraft) will be utilized to minimize acquisition and operational costs. CACs, partially funded by donations to subsidize start-up costs and initial operating expenses will provide greater access and affordable flying, in a faith-based environment, to the People of God interested in aviation. Ground/flight training will be conducted by volunteer FAA Certified Ground and Flight Instructors. CAA Headquarters will provide standardized policy, procedures and oversight to insure that the highest degree of safety is maintained. By providing centralized oversight and standardized policy/procedures, and ensuring specified pilot proficiency levels are maintained, pilots qualified to operate a specific type aircraft in one club will be able to operate the same type aircraft in another club without additional checkout requirements. Through these efforts, CAA aspires to help reverse the decline in the pilot population as well as to bolster the general aviation industry.

Our Favorite Quote

"We who fly do so for the love of flying. We are alive in the air, with this miracle that lies in our hands and beneath our feet."
~Cecil Day Lewis

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Faith, Flying and Fellowship

Come read more about how we incorporate those three facets in our apostolate.  Allow us to share with you our story as we journey forward in God's plan for us (read more...)

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